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Jon Voight Showers Praise On ‘Greatest President’ Trump

The Oscar-winning actor claimed America is now "stronger and wiser."

Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight is stumping for President Donald Trump once again in yet another fawning video.

The conservative “Ray Donovan” star suggested in a clip he shared to Twitter on Wednesday that Trump had now become “the greatest president.” He’d previously said Trump was the greatest POTUS since Abraham Lincoln.

“Our nation is stronger and wiser because we have taken a chance” on Trump, Voight added in footage the president himself later shared to his followers.

Voight urged his fans to “stand with President Trump for his next win” in the 2020 election “because this is more than a win, this is not a sacrifice, this is God’s honor, God’s trust for this nation, for this land of liberty, for justice for all.”

“This is America, this land of the free,” he added. “This is our president, Donald Trump, that will set this nation to be the greatest land of peace and love and great again.”

Voight, 80, has long championed Trump. He once compared Trump to Saint Mother Teresa, claimed he is full “of loving kindness” and played down his disgusting comments about women during the now-infamous “Access Hollywood” bus ride.

Voight made the Trump/Lincoln claim in May. He posted two videos to Twitter (below) in which he warned followers to not be fooled by “the political left, because we are the people of this nation that is [sic] witnessing triumph.”

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