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Sustainable Alternatives to Single-Use Plastic Packaging Should Be Everywhere

With the likes of mushroom wrap and sugar-cane plastic, the list of environmentally-friendly alternatives is growing longer. So why is plastic still so widespread?

Plastic is literally plaguing our earth - and there’s proof of it everywhere. Take for example the dead animals found with trash-filled stomachs, the island of garbage in the Pacific ocean or the bee nests made out of plastic. And the cause of all this? Humans and their strange need to wrap and box everything in multiple layers of the toxic material.

One of the most widespread uses of plastic is single-use packaging. Whether it’s vegetables in the supermarket or our favourite beauty products, they are likely to be wrapped or boxed what is usually a non-biodegradable material. And if not disposed of correctly, will end up becoming nothing more than a pollutant in our natural environment.

Some companies have started changing the status quo, however, and are coming up with sustainable ways of presenting our favourite products in an environmentally friendly manner.

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