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The Internet Changed Astrology. Then Came the Memes

The future of the practice may live online.

Spend enough time on the internet and you'll inevitably come across Astrology Content™. Maybe you've seen a Game of Thrones meme about Leos, or a Twitter thread arguing why we should all love Taurus season—or perhaps you just have that one friend (they know who they are) who starts off every social media post with "This is a total Gemini thing, but …" It's unavoidable.

Over the past couple of years, numerous publications have tried to explain the how and why behind astrology's online proliferation. It's no secret that people on the internet enjoy hyper-personalized content (who doesn't love a quiz that will tell them what type of bread they are?), but the fascination with astrology goes beyond that. The knowledge regular people have of astrology is no longer limited to horoscopes. Netizens now have an entire framework through which to examine the world—from using charts to analyze rumors that Prince William cheated on Kate to tying the release of the Mueller report to a full moon in Libra.

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