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We Really Need More Sustainable Meat Alternatives. Singapore Is On It.

From jackfruit meat to shrimp grown in labs, here's a guide to the clean meat alternatives coming to Asia.

With the recent Friday’s For Future protests happening around the globe, we are reminded that there is no other time to act on climate change but now. From kids across the globe skipping school to protest, to supermarkets across Asia swapping out plastic for banana leaves, recent initiatives make us wonder what changes in our personal lifestyle we can adapt to make a difference.

One habit change that could have a major impact is decreasing our meat intake – if not ditching it altogether. If we seriously want to help the global environment, and our health, it’s time to reconsider our entire diet.

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But giving up juicy hamburgers and thick steaks, we know, is far from easy. Unless you come from a family or culture that is vegetarian, it is likely that you have been raised eating meat multiple times a day. It’s in the traditional plates we eat on holidays, it’s served for dinner at our friends’ and families’ homes, and is the predominant ingredient used in most mainstream restaurants. Until recent years, not many questioned society’s wide-scale obsession with meat. It’s only when you consciously try to stop or reduce that you realize how it’s everywhere.

But what if you could have these dishes in the exact same way... except without the negative implications?

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