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The DJ collective bringing diversity to music events

People who went to a party in the basement of Brooklyn Bazaar on April 20, 2018 would remember a damn good time. Skype Williams mixed techno into a smooth R&B tune; DJ Jody showcased the work of new female rappers—the DJs were overwhelmingly people of color, and mostly women.

The vibe of inclusiveness at this party is not common. White male DJs dominate club circuits and festival lineups, perpetuating a culture within electronic music that is neither inclusive nor diverse. A growing number of collectives and spaces—including SISTASPIN, which was responsible for the 4/20 party at Brooklyn Bazaar—are helping female DJs of color succeed, which in turn makes more diverse audiences feel comfortable at live music events.

At its most fundamental level, a division this stark means there’s a barrier for anyone other than white men to succeed in a given industry. But it’s particularly important in music, where the rhythms and words gain a following and can influence a generation. Today, women rarely feature in industry rankings: DJ Mag’s Top 100 2018, an annual list of the world’s best DJs contains only seven women, and none of them are in the top 20; Forbes’ lists of the world’s highest-paid DJs has only ever featured men.

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