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India’s First-Time Voters Tell Us What They Want From This Election

As 45 million new, young voters prepare to exercise their right, VICE speaks to some of them about how they feel—from their biggest concerns to the impact of social media on their opinions.

We’re a week away from what is being pegged as the most crucial election in India’s history, one that will see over 45 million new, young voters eligible to lose their voting virginity this year. And as unemployment hikes and development slopes downwards, even the young, wild and free among us are being forced to tame their tracks, give a shit, and make each vote count.

While some are fighting for the voting rights of those behind bars, some are raising the bar by making sure they stay woke and vote. But between all the fake news and propaganda pushes plaguing sentiments this season, there’s a stench of ambiguity in the air. To find out what first-time voters are feeling ahead of getting their fingers inked, we spoke with young Indians across the country.

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