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A new podcast is digging up hidden stories of India’s archaeological and palaeontological heritage

Drawing from her love for geology and audio stories, Anupama Chandrasekaran created ‘Desi Stones and Bones’ to tell the stories ‘that needed to be told’.

“Scoop a spade through the soil beneath your feet and you could reveal eye-popping, fantastical proofs of creatures that existed a hundred, thousand, million or even a billion years before you.”  

So begins the introduction to the first episode of Desi Stones and Bones , a podcast by journalist Anupama Chandrasekaran that is excavating stories of archaeological and palaeontological finds and of the intrepid people behind the discoveries.

In one episode, Desi Stones and Bones introduces listeners to archaeologists who are experimenting with stone age tools to understand the dates of human migration to India. In another, it focuses on moonlighting palaeontologists who have found dinosaur egg fossils in Madhya Pradesh.

Chandrasekaran describes the podcast as “a road to an education about geology, archaeology and palaeontology” through her travels and conversations with antiquity and fossil hunters. “The listener gets to eavesdrop on my discussions and experiences,” she said.

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