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Aspiring nomads can now stay with actual nomads in Mongolia

Mongolian nomads move every few weeks as part of their traditional lifestyle. Aspiring nomadic travelers like to forsake the idea of a permanent address for the chance to bop around the world with the internet as their main tether to work, family, and community. Now, thanks to a partnership between Airbnb and the London-based tech startup what3words, those two types of nomads can now meet up somewhere on the Mongolian steppe.

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Typically, the community of Dukha reindeer herders featured in the partnership move locations roughly every three weeks to allow for their livestock to graze. By updating their three word address each time they move—and texting their new location to a family member or associate in a city who can then update an Airbnb listing—Jones says more Mongolians living in informal settlements have the opportunity to enter the tourist economy. This is something that the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia is keen to see happen; it is working towards the goal of attracting 1 million tourists to the nation.

“A lot of people in Mongolia want to get involved in tourism which means they have to leave a more traditional lifestyle,” Jones said. “This enables is them to continue their traditional lifestyle by updating their address every three weeks.”

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