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Meet Early B, the Versatile Afrikaans Rapper With A Great Sense of Humor & Storytelling Skills

We chat to Early B about his latest album Aangename Kennis.

On his latest single "Ben Ten," Early B's raps tell a twisted tale. His girlfriend moves to Joburg to study at the University of Johannesburg without telling him. When he visits her at her house, her mother tries to makes moves on him "'N Jong man met energie" (an energetic young man). He suspects she's trying to get revenge on her husband, who left her for a younger woman and moved to Dubai. Like… Issa a lot. The MC sounds comfortable, with a solid and high-precision flow that doesn't falter even once.

The Port Elizabeth-born rapper, who is signed to Universal Music, keeps the same energy and virtuosity throughout Aangename Kennis, his recently released debut album for which "Ben Ten" is the second single after "Ken Jou Waarde." In the album, the MC narrates stories with both humor and emotion where necessary. He touches on light-hearted but relatable subjects such as getting catfished ("Filters), sex ("Wikkel Hulle," "Bid vir Pouse," "Potte") and relationships ("Jy Maak Eyes," "Plat Badge").

But Aangename Kennis is more than just humor and sexual innuendos. For instance, on the song "Duk vir Drugs," Early B raps about the damage drug abuse causes in his community, specifically making reference to mandrax. On "As Ek Geweet Het," he is introspective, musing about regrets and wishing he had treated some things in his life differently now that he's older and knows better.

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Apart from varying subject matter, humor and a variance of flows, Early B makes sure the album doesn't bore the listener by picking different styles of beats, ranging from EDM to reggae, trap, and pop.

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