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Women in Sierra Leone music

The Sierra Leonean music industry is male-dominated, a fact apparent in the small number of female professionals (MCs, vocalists, rappers, instrumentalists and managers) currently active.

For most live music events in the country, the line-up tends to consist merely of male musicians. However, there are females, especially recording artists, who have made and are still making impact on the music industry.

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Amie Kallon: She was born and raised in Kenema (eastern Sierra Leone) and belongs to the matriarchic Mende tribe. She is one of the most influential musicians of her time. Amie Kallon played an important role during the Sierra Leone Civil War (1991-2002) as she was one of few artists who continued producing music and made public her views on the rebels.

Kallon performs traditional Mende music, sung in the native tongue. Part of her repertaire are parables and Mende folklore. A live performance of hers include 8-10 instrumentalists and dancers. It is unclear when Amie Kallon started her musical career, but she is currently still active.

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