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Russell Wilson hit some bombs on his first day of Yankees spring training

Russell Wilson is spending a week with the Yankees at spring training, and he's doing almost everything a real baseball player would do — including batting practice.

Russell Wilson is a football player, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. But the Seattle Seahawks quarterback is fulfilling a lifelong dream by spending time at spring training with the New York Yankees.

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And he’s not just popping in for a visit. He’s going to be there for six days and go through all the normal baseball drills. Running. Fielding. Hitting. He’s going to do it all — well, except for actually playing in any spring training games, which the Yankees have already said won’t be happening. But if the Yankees do change their mind, Wilson will definitely be ready.

Here he is in his full Yankees uniform, pinstripes and all.

He looks pretty good, doesn’t he? Imagining a super team with Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, and Russell Wilson is enough to make your brain melt.

He really is getting the full spring training experience. Wilson even took batting practice on Monday, and was grouped with some dudes you may have heard of.

No pressure! He’s only taking batting practice with Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, and Gary Sanchez, three of the most powerful home run hitters in baseball right now! No big deal, right?

He whiffed a bunch on his first go-round, but had more luck the second time.

Wilson loves baseball, and has even said that it’s in his blood. With the sun shining off the green grass and a bat in his hand, it must have seemed perfect.

Russell Wilson was taking BP with the song “Centerfield” playing in the background! That’s truly a perfect scene. It could even be a scene straight from a movie about Wilson joining a ragtag Yankees team and taking them all the way to the championship. I think Russell would be game to star in that movie. Get on it, Hollywood!

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